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I have no patience for pokemon anymore.

I’ve already gone through both Black and White using gen 5 pokemon, so all that’s left to do is breed teams from all different gens. (I’ve already traded ALL my pokemon from the previous games into Black so there’s no turning back.) But that takes so much TIME. One of the pokemon I wanted in my party was a Militoc. It already took me long enough to CATCH a Feebas. Then just getting one with the right nature was a nightmare. My luck has never been that bad. I still don’t have the right one after 5 PC boxes full of Feebas. SO FRUSTRATING! I’m always going to love pokemon, but I’m just so fed up with party building. I guess you can say I’m retired now.

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    1. otomoka said: at least having that marvel scale makes that max beauty problem not so much of a bitch to get to! ):
    2. yohjimbo said: Use PokeSav and create what you need to. Saves a lot of the time of making the Pokemon ‘legit’.
    3. skywillflyby said: I’m older than you!?!?! And wasn’t there an everstone trick where you get a better chance hatching the mother’s nature?
    4. geneticvodka said: If i remember correctly there is a way to breed specific natures. I think the mother has to have the nature you want and it’s supposed to be holding an everstone.
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